Talking Toughness with Zoltán Csigás (Part Two)

Talking Toughness

23-10-2023 • 16 mins

In Part Two of this discussion with Zoltán Csigás, he talks about his passion for coaching as a vehicle for continuous development. People should not stop learning.

He takes the view that clients come to coaches for help with this. Coaches can help by opening new fields of thinking through the direction they are being led.

Zoltán describes coaching as a practice which opens new playgrounds. Clients can wander in whatever direction they want to or even, leave it.

Finally, he addresses diversity and inclusion through the mental toughness concept. It's not just the mentally tough who will be successful, but all those who self-reflect on their levels of mental toughness.

This is a thoughtful and insightful coach who generously shares his expertise.

Listen, learn and be inspired.