Globalizing the Wisconsin Idea with Dr. Elise Ahn


09-02-2024 • 36 mins

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Elise Ahn, the founding director of the International Projects Office and lecturer in educational policy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Elise studies language, linguistics, and education policy. Previously, Elise has also lectured at KIMEP University in Kazakhstan.

The International Projects Office, or IPO, globalizes the Wisconsin Idea through international projects and partnerships—this can look like capacity building at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan or partnering with different countries through the United Nations to address COVID-19.

Beyond the work accomplished by these UW–Madison programs, internationalizing the university is a chance for valuable person-to-person connections, we find out. Keep listening to learn about mutually beneficial international relationships at UW and how learning new languages—despite being intimidating—is a chance to build connections and foster inclusion in education.

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