Skeptics in the Pub Online Podcast

Skeptics in the Pub Online

This is the podcast version of the Skeptics in the Pub Online live-streamed talks. We take the audio and give it to you in a nice easy podcast feed for you to listen at your pleasure. All of the talks are still available on our YouTube channel if you want to see any visuals/slides/etc. We will release the live shows as we do them on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month and on weeks when there isn't a live show, we will release an episode from the archive.

The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit – Tom Curry & Cecil CicirelloSpotting science that just doesn’t add up – Dr Nick BrownBeyond the Hype: The Inside Story of Science’s Biggest Media Controversies – Fiona FoxRETRO: How the UK can get to zero carbon – Chris GoodallRETRO: How to name your element – Kit ChapmanRETRO: The age of antibiotic resistance – Sian WilliamsRETRO: The Blinding Light of Sophisticated Pseudoscience – Jonathan JarryOff The Edge: Flat earthers, conspiracy culture, and why people will believe anything – Kelly WeillRETRO: The World According to Physics – Jim Al-KhaliliRacing Green: How Motorsport Science Can Save the World – Kit Chapman