Bob Zinga - Breaking Stereotypes: Achieving the American Dream as a Diverse Cybersecurity Leader I Ep 1

CISO Space

08-09-2023 • 33 mins

Bob Fabien Zinga is one of the "Top 20 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow this Year (2023)" and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Discover the underestimated intelligence behind data breaches and the evolving role of cybersecurity as a critical profession. Explore the efforts to empower women and ethnic minorities through cost-free education initiatives and gain valuable insights into the future of cybersecurity and the importance of attitude, diversity, and continuous learning in this dynamic field

Bob shares with us his story of achieving the American dream and situations along the way. He shares the core traits of successful cybersecurity professionals and highlights the importance of the connection between cybersecurity and business goals.

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