Brittany Budd is a mindset and business coach ready to help take women entrepreneurs to the next level. The Babe to Boss podcast supplies tips on how to take your business to six figures and beyond.

In this episode, Brittany tackles the money mindset and how your warped perspective on money stops you from making money.

This week is the Money Mindset Masterclass and Brittany talks about the 5 thoughts stopping you from making money and the 5 thoughts you need to adopt to start making money now!

Show Notes:

0:00 - Intro

0:15 - Brittany details her background as a stockbroker and how that informs her view on money and introduces the Money Mindset Masterclass.

00:51 - The 5 thoughts about money that stop you from making money.

  1. Money is dirty.
  2. People who have money are greedy and selfish.
  3. There's not enough money to go around.
  4. There is honor in being broke.
  5. Money doesn't grow on trees.

05:13 - We can afford things that we want to afford. If you want it, you'll find the money for it.

  • Brittany details a personal story of finding creative ways to make ends meet when her family was in need.
  • There is always an opportunity to make money.

07:23 - The 5 thoughts you need to adopt to start making money.

  1. Money equals access.
    1. You can solve any problem in your life with money.
  2. Money is always available to you and continuously being replenished.
  3. Money equals energy.
  4. If you consider yourself a "good person," you are morally obligated to make money.
  5. You need money to serve and impact people.

17:05 - Time is a finite resource. Money is not.

21:11 - Your money mindset is ONE of the things that could be stopping you from making money.

  • A business coach can help you identify the hurdles keeping you from making money.

22:18 - Outro

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