CSG Ep. #94: Whattya Know Joe? Meet Boston's World Class Concierge

Cooking Something Good

27-10-2022 • 43 mins

This week of Cooking Something Good takes us out to Boston, MA where the leaves are every shade of gorgeous and the Concierge service is Top-Notch. Joe Rondina, one of Beantown's finest concierge, gives us the exclusive insight on what it was like to attend the coveted culinary school Johnson and Wales, how its been working behind-the-scenes in several well-known kitchens in the heart of Boston, including the Ritz Carlton, and discovering a natural love for hospitality and people along the way. From working in the kitchen to becoming a sous chef to transitioning to hotel concierge, Joe knows how to help people have a better entertainment/dining experience when it comes to all things Boston. And if you love this episode, get excited, because Joe will be launching his own show on the CSGBN network in 2023. #staytuned 😉

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