FIFA23 is $70 - Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) Episode 38

Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) - A Gaming Podcast

03-08-2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Gaming is just an excuse to socialise, so that is why Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) podcast exists. EA is increasing the price of their games to be $70, as they are joining TakeTwo and Sony Entertainment who were the first publishers to do that, while over 2billion dollars were invested by game publishers into NFTs. In other news, Ubisoft cancels a good number of their upcoming games, including Ghost Recon Battle Royale, and Marvel announces new Phase 4-5 movies and TV shows.
Time stamps:

0:40 Intro

2:30 Investment in NFT

7:35 The Multiverse Saga(again)

18:43 Twitter Ads

28:19 Battlefield 2042

37:27 FIFA23 is $70

43:07 Former EA Devs Responds

46:49 Free2Play FIFA

51:10 License and Legal

59:49 Cancelled Ubisoft Games

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