Bayonetta Actress is EXTREMELY Underpaid - Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) Episode 41

Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) - A Gaming Podcast

17-10-2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Gaming is just an excuse to socialise, so that is why Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) podcast exists. Hellena Taylor (Bayonetta) and Jeff Leach (Ghost from Call of Duty) speak out about them being underpaid by Nintendo and Activision for their respective roles. Ray being a voice actor himself, gives his input about this whole situation, while Tom is discussing his experience with Battlefield 2042 midseason event "The Liquidators".
Time stamps:

0:40 Intro

5:50 Scorn Impressions

9:21 Patreon News

10:21 Battlefield 2042 "Liquidators" Event

20:41 MTX Worries

24:25 Hellena Taylor and Jeff Leach Speak Up

52:28 Developers vs Fanbase

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