Our Disorganised Giveaway - Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) Episode 37

Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) - A Gaming Podcast

24-07-2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Gaming is just an excuse to socialise, so that is why Live Gaming Gathering (LGG) podcast exists. Skate 4 is renamed to "Skate" & it's a free2play live service game. Ubisoft is shutting down some of their online services for certain games. Lanky got a new PC. Our personal thoughts on Battlefield 3 Reality Mod. And our first ever giveaway on this podcast is a complete disorganised mess.
Time stamps:

1:49 Intro

3:40 Giveaway

10:11 Podcast Website

11:46 Buying Domain

12:57 Website Hosting

14:30 New PC is FRESH

18:03 Lanky tried Streaming

20:21 Avocados

23:20 God of War & Simpsons Mod

24:35 Playstation Fans got SALTY

27:38 Runescape in Unreal Engine 5

29:58 More Star Trek Rants

34:22 Skate 4 is Live Service

39:32 Oh, Ubisoft

52:50 Battlefield 3 Reality Mod

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