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How the Social Justice Movement Promotes Anti-Semitism with David Bernstein - Ep. 34
How the Social Justice Movement Promotes Anti-Semitism with David Bernstein - Ep. 34
Today we speak with David Bernstein. David is the founder of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values, which supports viewpoint diversity, counters radical ideology in the Jewish community, and opposes novel forms of anti-Semitism. His recent book 'Woke Antisemitism: How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews' is now available on Amazon. It's a first hand account from a longtime Jewish leader about how woke ideology shuts down discourse, corrupts Jewish values and sponsors a viral and new strain of anti-Semitism. In this episode, we discuss how woke anti-Semitism differs from other forms of anti-Semitism. Jews as an identity group, the difference between identity and identity politics, the role of Israeli geopolitics in anti-Semitism, the pros and cons of tribalism, the conflict between blacks and Jews, culture as a strategy for living in the world. And what the Jewish style of cancel culture is. This episode was recorded on October 11th 2022. We also discuss in this episode Kanye West's then recent tweet about going DEFCON 3 on Jewish people. Since then a lot has developed in the story of Ye's anti-Semitism, including multiple further tweets, podcast appearances and most recently his announcement of a 2024 presidential campaign with noted anti-Semite Nick Fuentes as a staff member. We hope to have David back on the show again soon to discuss the many updates of the story and the recent spread of this style of anti-Semitism.