Engineering Success: Structured Marketing Strategies with Ros Conkie

Marketing Freed

16-05-2024 • 30 mins

The idea of a target market has been around for donkey's years. But with increasingly crowded markets, along with better targeting options for your marketing, simply knowing broadly who you’re selling to isn’t enough, particularly if you’re a smaller business with a limited budget.

In this podcast episode, David is joined by marketing consultant and trainer Ros Conkie to explore strategies for businesses to identify their ideal customers and employ cost-effective marketing tactics to reach them.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of understanding your ideal customer persona (ICP)
  • What characteristics should form your ICP
  • How to find out what makes your ICP tick
  • How to employ a lean approach to your marketing to continually optimise it
  • The complexities of attribution and a simple way to get a signal from the noise


Ros Conkie on LinkedIn or Ros’s website:

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Ros has created a checklist for creating your Ideal Customer Persona which you can download here: