Actionable Social Media Audits, with Fiona O’Donoghue

Marketing Freed

23-05-2024 • 34 mins

The cornerstone of any strategy is not just understanding where you want to be, but also where you are now. And getting social media right for your organization is no different.

In this episode of Marketing Freed, I’m joined by social media consultant, Fiona O'Donoghue, as we discuss how brands can audit their social media and use that as a springboard into an effective social media strategy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What a social media audit should include.
  • The key metrics to analyse.
  • Which social profiles you should analyse beyond your own brand’s.
  • How frequently you should run a social media audit.
  • Competitive analysis can provide inspiration and insight into what works well in your industry and beyond.
  • The importance of integrating social media efforts into the broader marketing strategy for a cohesive user experience.


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