007: It works for me, it will work for you

Keep Your Customers Forever

10-10-2017 • 8 mins

We can be super choosy.  With so many people selling us tools and methods and apps that (they say) we absolutely MUST have for our business or our life, let’s use a solid criterion for selecting.  If their proof of results consists of “it worked for me so it will work for you”, then hide your wallet.  If the proof is based on independent empirical data and is couched in the solid research of others, then it may be a good choice.


  • There is real “medicine” out there in the form of psychological principles that have been tested and demonstrated over decades. Take the medicine because it works.
  • There are far more people selling banana-jalapeno-cinnamon milkshakes because it worked for their particular case one time so they mistakenly think it will work for other people in other situations. Huge mistake!
  • Even ideas that are totally bogus will work sometimes just by coincidence. So when a tool or gizmo or method doesn’t work for you, don’t waste time re-studying the method and thinking about what YOU did wrong.  If you were sold on “it works for me it will work for you” then it’s not you – it’s the tool that doesn’t work!

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