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Best of Season 6 Extended Interviews

The Third Men Podcast

24-08-2022 • 1 hr 23 mins

We’re taking a break from our summer vacation to bring you a special new “best of” collection, compiling some of the awesome interviews The Third Men Podcast conducted last season! In this episode you’ll find words of wisdom and entertaining TMR stories from insiders, musicians, songwriters and even a legend or two – the perfect episode to share with a new listener. Special thanks to Lalo Medina, Stuart Sikes, Ben Jenkins, Christine Edgington, April March, Cash & Skye, John Krautner, Ben Blackwell and Lola Kirke for helping to make season 6 of the podcast one of our most memorable and popular yet – and thanks to all the other guests who joined us that we simply ran out of space to include! But that’s not all – did you see the Jack White Supply Chain Issues tour this summer? Want to talk about it on the show? We want to hear your review! All you have to do is record yourself giving a review of your concert experience and send the audio through whatever means you like to THIRDMENPODCAST@GMAIL.COM. If you send it, we'll air it! Thanks to all our faithful listeners who have stuck with us for 6 amazing seasons, and we can't wait to see you again in season 7!

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