14. 5 steps I took to recover from burnout sustainably

Abundant Leaders with Tenji Moyana

10-08-2023 • 52 mins

We’re suffering from a global burnout pandemic and I have not escaped it. I burned out 3 times before I realised that I was the root of the problem – what I believed about work, high-performance, myself and others was at the heart of the choices I was making in my career and the extent of ownership I was taking for my outcomes. Join me as I share the 5 things I have done progressively over the past 5 years to sustainably eliminate burnout from my story.   Topics discussed: * What is burnout and what form do you have? * My burnout story from J.P. Morgan to McKinsey * The problem is me - how I finally broke the cycle * The 5 steps I took to recover - and my major discovery about boundaries * The 2 mindset shifts we need to make if we want our changes to last

Episode correction: I took 5-6 weeks off work initially, not 5-6 months

Resources:  Harvard Business Review article - Why burnout happens – and how bosses can help

My burnout story

My video on your “work body” aka your body’s subconscious response to work


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