13. Ida Achiume Shiaka on what leading inauthentically does to our mental health

Abundant Leaders with Tenji Moyana

27-07-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

This is my first expert interview and I’m joined by Ida Achiume Shiaka, a mental health consultant, coach and advocate, and the CEO of Mental Wealth. Many of us have experienced imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, and feeling the need to shape-shift in order to belong, succeed, and avoid rejection. But at what cost? Ida shares her personal story of struggling to fit in, her journey to finding herself again, and the impact of not being our authentic selves on our mental and physical health, and our emotional wellbeing.

Topics discussed:

* Ida’s story of trying to fit in and the heavy cost she paid

* Ida’s journey of returning to herself

* The impact of not being yourself on your mental health and ability to perform

* How to meet yourself and discover who you are and want to be

* What changes for you when you live as YOU

* How you can get support

Learn more about Ida, find Mental Wealth on Instagram @mental_wealth_with_ida or email her for coaching.

The experts series brings you leadership experts in different disciplines who can help you bring your fullest-self to the table in your leadership and your career. We cover topics related to personal mastery, professional performance and personal development with skilled professionals you can reach out to after the episode to get the support you need.


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