12. How to avoid leaving too soon

Abundant Leaders with Tenji Moyana

13-07-2023 • 43 mins

We’ve spoken about the shadow of being too resilient (Episode 9) but what happens when we leave too soon? We can miss out on a chance to grow, to exercise our agency, rally support around us, and renew stagnant situations if we pull the plug too early. The balance we need to find as leaders is knowing when to press in because more is being demanded of us, and when to cut our losses and leave a bad situation. Let’s explore this delicate balance together so that we don’t forgo personal growth opportunities or fall victim to temporary discomfort that will pass.

Topics discussed:

* 3 types of situations you should never stay in

* Getting to the bottom of what’s really going on

* Taking ownership, manning up and exercising your agency

* How to know if you’re bypassing growth

* The tough lesson I’m learning about sticking with my business


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