dark electronic beats // music to escape reality

1you not the same (deep version)2if it's real, then i'll stay (slowed + reverb)3milk cassette x.mp3 (demo) (slowed + reverb)4you not the same (Sace Remix)5levitate6ドラッグ7Aglow (Intro) - Slowed Down Version8snowfall9there is light in us10this feeling11Vision12Wave To Me13you're not alone14Lost In Dreams15I'm So Cold16you not the same - slowed down version17all i want18Nimmer19and for a brief moment, we were—20Acid Rain21I Promise22it's ok, you're ok23These Flowers Are Still Beautiful24Alone With You25Don't Dwell (Slowed)263 Am27Bipolar28Thelema29if it's real, then i'll stay30I'm Lonely but Not Inside31heartache32you're not even close33I'm God34Astral35Try Me36i wish you stayed37Boneless38Let Go.39We're Through40Burning41Asleep42Do You Love Me?43Astray44Colors45Stay (feat. Holy Flare)46Memories (feat. Madi Larson)47Why Do I Love U48Shadow Lady49U and Me50Distance51Suffer With Me52Away53Nothing Matters54Fallen Angel55All I Need56Vast57Falling in and Out of Numb58Lost59Cries60Mirages61In The Dark62All We've Left Behind63there is light in us (slowed down version)64Detached65Delirium669 Eleven (Instrumental)67Out of Time68you not the same69Something Like This but Not This70Aglow (Intro)71Final Coming72Nobodies73Ninth Gate74Dreams75Faith76echo complex77Up from Here.