Hope and Happiness (HMT)

1Hope2Scars3Midnight Mountain4An Honourable Reign5Alive (Chris Lord-Alge Mix)6Sugar7Pride8Drain The Blood9The Pot10Rosetta Stoned11Ænema12Bat Country13Dot Your Eyes14Advanced Corpse Tumor15You Can't Bring Me Down16Arise Above Oppression17The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears18GET UP19Lift Me Up20Peace of Mind21We Will Rise22Silvera23Never Too Late24Spirits Will Collide25Earthrise26You've Got Another Thing Coming27The World Is Yours28Have a Blast29The End of Heartache30Maniac31Last of the Wilds32Kingdom33Lucifer34A Certain Shade of Green35Murmaider36Night Never Ending37Decennium38Unsainted39Laid to Rest40Beyond the Pale41Desire to Fire42In Due Time43In Ashes They Shall Reap44So What45Skin O' My Teeth (Remastered)46I Don't Wanna Be Me47Another Day, Another Way48Breathing Lightning49198550Wasted Years (2015 Remaster)51Tower Of Strength52Ain't No Feeble Bastard53Under and Over It54Nerve55Ephemeral (Album Version)56Adora Vivos57Trip at the Brain58Alice What's the Matter?59Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days (Remastered)60Pulse of the Maggots61Lovecore (Welcome To)62Motorhead63Breadline (Remastered)64Bark at the Moon65Chop Suey!66Bad Romance67Cirice68South Of Heaven69I Don't Wanna Stop70Tonight71Happy Song72Can I Play with Madness (2015 Remaster)73Wooden pints74Yarilo75We Want Fun76I'm Alive77Doom Over The World (Remix)78Jump79Through The Fire And Flames