Self-Harm (HMT)

1Duality2Last Resort3Pull the Plug4Suicide Solution5Mandatory Suicide (Album Version)6Fade To Black (Remastered)7A Tout Le Monde (Remastered 2004)8Chop Suey!9Everything Ends10Falling Away from Me11Suicide in Dark Serenity12Cutting the Ties13Suicidal Dream14Never Too Late15Rise Above This16Cut the Cord17Breaking the Habit18Storm of Blades19Yours to Hold20If I Don't Wake Up (Album Version)21Suicidal Failure22Suicide And Other Comforts23Looking Down the Barrel of Today24Skin O' My Teeth (Remastered)25Downfall26Beyond the Realms of Death27Vermilion28Suicide Note, Pt. 129I Won't See You Tonight Part 130Coming Down31Made of Scars32Remember Everything33Dig34Happy?35The Fragile36Hurt37Ghost38Scars39Skin40Killpop41At the Door to the Tenth Sub Level of Suicide42Downfall (Album Version)43How Will I Laugh Tomorrow44I Am Broken Too45Hatred and Slaughter46Composure47Glass Hearts48Death - Pierce Me49Cutter50Bleed Like Me51Bed Of Razors52Metal