Guilt/Shame (HMT)

1Darkest Days2Shame3Priest4For They Know Not What They Do5Speculum6Chase the Demons (From My Bed)7It Can't Be!8Amnesia9Almost Easy10Let Me In11Statues of Shame12Bloody Angel13Smile Again14Killpop15Dead Memories16Parasite (feat. Christian Grey)17Dance With The Devil18Surrounded19Lost Within20Voices21The End of Heartache22Unstable23Would?24Rain When I Die25Oh The Guilt26What I've Done27Breaking the Habit28The Line Begins To Blur29Hurt30Heaven Knows31Set To Fail32I Am Nothing33A Reason to Fight34The Hell in Me35Don't Bother Me36Forever Failure37Hymn of a Broken Man38Fiddler on the Green (Remaster 2019)39Sulfur40Snuff41Hate Me42Masochist43Masochistic Oath44Guilt45Free 'N' Easy (7" Edit)46Hallowed Be Thy Name (2015 Remaster)47Survivor Guilt48Let the Guilt Go49Sorry?! (Album Version)50Isolation Years51A Fair Judgement52The Gift of Guilt53Heartattack In A Layby54Lack of Comprehension55I Don't Wanna Be Me56The Unforgiven57Brutal Planet58Low Man's Lyric59I Ain't No Nice Guy60Selling My Soul (Album Version)61Damaged Soul62God, Please Believe Me63Hey Joe64Gone Shootin'65Damage Done66My Last Serenade67This Love68It Was As If The Dead Man Stood Upon The Air69The Everlasting Scar70Shame In You71The Emptiness Between Stars72No. 273Guilty74Old Heart Falls75Bled for Days76Ashamed