Women in Metal (HMT)

1In Fear2Blood Moon Fever3BLOODMONEY4Heaven Knows5Nemesis6Temptation7Uterine Industrialisation8The Abyss Looks into Me916 Psyche10Aftermath11Unpaid Intern12Terror13Fooled You14Skull & Pistons15Blessed Be16I Miss the Misery17Song of Nova18Bad Vision19Whore20Pisces21Monsters Ball22Rex Tremendae23I Spend My Days24Ulvinde25Quitters Don't Smoke26The Language of Injury27The Decay of Disregard28Interstellar Islands29Kill or Be Killed30Owning Your Okayness31Hexenhammer32I Hate Myself For Loving You33Sacrifice34New Waves35Orphan Soul36Blood and Salt37All Bitches Die (All Bitches Die Here)38Fight39Monster40Black Veil41You Don't Know42Layers of Time43The Chain44Until Eternity45Tonight We Ride46Drain The Blood