The Devilish Halloween Playlist (HMT)

1Hell Awaits2The Number of the Beast (2015 Remaster)3Exorcism (Live In King's Chamber, Cairo / August 1993 Mix)4Báthory Erzsébet5The Devil in I6Devil's Plaything (Album Version)7Tribute8Bartzabel9A Forest10Devil Is Fine11The Devil Embraced12Lucifer's Kin13Elevator14Something Wicked Marches In15Christmas With The Devil16Baby Satan17All Hallows Eve18Satan Is Real19Bus to Beelzebub20The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land21The Devil Went Down to Georgia22Fat Around the Heart23Let the Devil In24Grave25Critical Darling26Iowa27Living Dead Girl28Deathaura29Green Man30Holy Water31Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer32O Father O Satan O Sun!33The American Nightmare34We Drink Your Blood35Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend36Feed My Frankenstein37Devil's Dance38Devils Swing (Album Version)39Little Piggy (From "House Of 1000 Corpses" Soundtrack)40Runnin' with the Devil (2015 Remaster)41The Band In Hell42Devil's Night43Even Hell Has Its Heroes44Visions from the Dark Side45Left Hand Black (Album Version)46Satan's Curse47Darkhangel48Devil's Path49God Of Forbidden Light50Revelation 66651The Antichrist52Becoming the Adversary53Baphomet's Throne54Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica55Presents From The Poison-Hearted56Square Hammer57Furthest From The Truth58Blood Guilt Eucharist59Invocation60Rise of the Antichrist61All Hail the Goat62Savior's Blood63Lucifer's Sanctuary64N.I.B.65At War With Satan66Mock The Cross67King Ov Deception68Of Blackened Wing69In Domine Sathana70Ultimate Satan71Plague of Immortality (feat. Dean Lamb Of Archspire)72Son Of The Morning73Hell on Earth74Pazuzu (Black Rain)75Satanist76Lucifer Rising77Acolytes78Inno A Satana79Nail Them to the Cross80Armageddon81Submit to Satan!!!82Vaya Con Satan83Mephistopheles84Satanic Rites85Satan-Prometheus86The Anti-Kosmik Magick87Sinner88Mortal Slaughter89Dead Throne90Dr. Stein91Satan's Mayhem92Pure Fucking Armageddon (Live in Leipzig, 1990)93The Great Beast94Every Day Is Halloween95The Sign of the Trident96When the Devil Come97Hellhounds98Love You to Death99Moonchild100Burn101Into the Unknown102Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever103Speak Of The Devil104Rosemary's Baby