Overcoming Stuff (HMT)

1Spit It Out2Snuff3My Plague4The Heretic Anthem5(Sic)6Disasterpiece7Sound of Madness8Throne930/30-15010The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears11Faint12LOUD (Fuck It)13Unstoppable14Holy Diver15Whore16Thoughtless17Wasted Years (2015 Remaster)18Walk with Me In Hell19Hold Back The Day20Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)21A New Level22Kickstart My Heart23Determined24Rise Up25Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)26Know Your Enemy27Sleep Now In the Fire28Slither29Down With The Sickness30Long Sleeves31Made of Scars32Metalingus33Awake34Die MF Die35Genius36You Can't Stop Me37In Ashes They Shall Reap38The Hell I Overcame39Looking Down the Barrel of Today40Break Me Down41Kai Tangata42Engine 4543Dear Youth (Day 52)44Beauty in Tragedy45Meddler (Album)46Happy Song47Anthem48Take on the World49Denim and Leather50Voice Of The Soul51One Choice52Are You Metal?53The Rebirth54Battlefield (Remastered 2017)55Redemption56Destroy What Destroys You57Gateways58Breathing Lightning59The Oath60Lift Me Up61Reason to Believe62The Poet and the Pendulum63Dark Days (The Bridge)64Capricorn (A Brand New Name)65Tourniquet66Death Is Not an Exit67This Fire68Strength Beyond Strength69Dedicated70Refuse / Resist71Weight of the False Self72On And On73Switchback74Another World75February76Stay Black77Crawl78Silent Lucidity (Remastered 2003)79Be Still and Know80Overcome81Silhouettes82Deconstructing Self-Destruction83Indestructible84This I Earned85Take My Bones Away86Eula87Intro88Break the Cycle89Tears Don't Fall90The Darkness is Revealing91Laid to Rest92Save Me93State of Emergency94Aftermath95Aerials96Birth Of The Cruel97Holy Roller98Ephemeral (Album Version)99The Road I Must Travel100Balance101Conquer All102Put 'Em Up103Become The Firestorm104The Air That I Breathe105Silvera106Melt Your Mind107I Will Return108Die with Your Boots On (2015 Remaster)109Divide My Destiny110Born To Raise Hell