Did You Know the Majority of Top Real Estate Agents Are Introverts? Barry Karch on Seeing Introversion as Your Strength


26-08-2021 • 31 mins

In today’s episode, we have a very special conversation with fellow podcaster and introvert, Barry Karch. Barry is a 35+ year real estate veteran, and host of the Real Estate Unsalesperson Podcast.

On the surface, the world of real estate is dominated by extroverts. People don’t commonly expect introverts to be successful agents, but according to Barry, introverts have the characteristics that make them the best Realtors, and there are more introverted top agents than we’re led to believe.

Being an introvert isn’t automatically a drawback, it can actually be a strength, and introverts can have a long-lasting career in an industry like real estate if we reframe the way we view our introversion, and set boundaries that allow us to show up as our best selves.

Barry also shared;

  • The hump every new real estate market needs to overcome if they are an introvert
  • Why introverts are better at selling without being salesy
  • How to overcome your own internal baggage and negative connotations about being an introvert
  • Introvert traits that make us great real estate agents

Guest Bio-

Barry Karch has always considered himself an unlikely Realtor - quiet, introverted, unsalesy, not your prototypical formula for success! Yet, Barry has been a top selling Realtor for 36 years, selling as many as 100 homes per year. He has come to realize that being an introvert in real estate gives him many advantages over his more extroverted colleagues. He has created a podcast called The Real Estate UnSalesperson to encourage and inspire his fellow introverted Realtors and has just launched the UnSalesperson community. His mission is to teach introverts that they have what it takes to succeed in real estate.

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To learn more about Barry’s community for introverted Realtors patreon.com/unsalesperson.