Episode 9 - Cocktail Hour! Sangria

Marketing & Cocktails

15-10-2020 • 8 mins

#009 Cocktail Hour - Sangria

[00:00:00] Terrica: Welcome to the marketing cocktails podcast. We're your hosts. Terrica Strozier, that's me a brand designer and sugar attic and Vanessa shepherd and launch strategist and content creator. With the love of all things business each week, you're here, our behind the scenes conversations and expert advice on marketing and launching your next offer while doing it all ethically and organically.

And given that bro marketer advice, the book. Thanks for spending some time with us today. Grab a drink and let's jump into today's episode.

Welcome to the marketing cocktails podcast. Today's episode. It's another one of our monthly cocktail episodes. This is where we just. Are able to showcase another side of us and really show you the cocktails that we love and their,

Fixture in our lives. So this cocktail. Came to me by way of a local restaurant here in Atlanta. There, unfortunately just closed. [00:01:00] Well, not just closed, but it closing. This past December of 2019, and it was called legal seafoods and it was located downtown right off lucky street. And we went there for one father's day because my dad was an avid fishermen and he loved his seafood. And I was like, this is a perfect place to go.

As soon as we got there, I'm always looking at the cocktail list, I know most people immediately go for the food and I'm a foodie, but I love to see the cocktails that each restaurant or bar comes up with because there are some. Beautiful and crazy inventions and twists on classics. So I had never really had sangria before then, but I saw the description and it looked interesting. So I was like, you know what, let me just get one of those house ingredients and see what this is all about.

Guys. It was amazing. So, so, so good. It was the perfect balance of sweet with a little bit of tart. And then [00:02:00] there's this underlying taste of almost carbonation, but not quite like a full on soda. So while my palette was completely teased and so happy my mind was whirling. Like what's in this, Because there's no detailed description.

minus like our house. I think they described it as maybe their house, summer sangria. Some people, we'll have some summer sangria. Some people do a white sangria or red sangria. I believe maybe it was, A red and a white sangria. Those were the options. And I got the red. So after.

our visit was done. As soon as I got home, I started scouring the web and Googling like  crazy, trying to find. A recipe basis. Cause I'm like, I know that if I enjoy this sangria, as much as I did, then someone else has been illegal seafood and has enjoyed it as well. And. The one in Atlanta, wasn't their only [00:03:00] location. So I just made a general assumption that maybe they serve this as all of their restaurants. So finally, after.

What felt like hours of scouring? I found a recipe and it looked pretty legit based on what I remember tasting. So I said, you know what? I'm just gonna buy all these  components and we're just going to try it at home. And while I love cocktails, guys, my husband is the resident mixologist. So I said, Hey.

Whatever you think we should get. If we can't find this, can we sub it with this? So we were just in liquor store is trying to make it work. So we came home and that was our first batch and we tasted it. We were like, This is it maybe with little tweaks, but this is, this is really it. So. It just felt so good. and then the next time we made it, we made it for friends. Cause we are always entertaining and [00:04:00] our friends know if they come over our house, they're gonna eat good and they're going to drink. Good.

And people raved and love the sangria. So along the way we've made our own little personal tweaks. to the recipe and I will insert recommendations as well so that you can put your own spin on it too. But the basis of this is just so perfect. it is an amazing summer drink. just kind of relaxing outside, but it can definitely be a fall drink as well. Just look at how you decide to make some additional, changes to it. So we end up.

taking this recipe and making enormous batches of it. And it was a signature cocktail at our wedding. And I'm telling you guys, it made quite the impact. Not only with taste. But impact people had an amazing time because of the sangria. So, that just giving you a little bit of backstory. So I'm gonna go ahead and just hop into some of the components of the sangria.

[00:05:00] So your basis is going to be, a dryier red wine, like a Shiraz or something similar. I have done a red wine blend before. . So see what your local. Liquor store grocery store has to offer your favorite one Mart, whatever. Maybe you already have a personal favor. Doesn't have to be anything expensive. Guys do not spend a ton of money on the basis cause you're going to be adding so much other.

Spirits to this that there's just no reason to go spend 40,  $50 on a bottle of wine. So. again, at the basis, it's going to be this bottle of red wine, then you're gonna add. In the original recommendation was a  Bacardi Limon, but what you can do is you can do any citrus space rum.

So we're talking about Bacardi or Cruzan or any of those brands that do a lot of the amazing, infusions and flavors. So you can go for lemon or a [00:06:00] lime or something. Along those, flavor profiles, then you're going to add. In. A raspberry vodka and a strawberry vodka. Again, we have played around a bit with.

Our choices of this vodka, but along that berry family, it's gonna be amazing. So any kind of combination of those two, you're going to add those then the original recipe calls for a peach Brandy or liqueur. So we just go, in our local liquor store, they always have a peach liqueur called Peachstreet.

And so we'll grab a bottle of that and then add that in. You're going to also add in a sour mix now. This recipe is going to include a homemade sour mix. Don't be intimidated. Guys is super simple. It's just water, sugar and citrus. So you're going to do equal parts [00:07:00] of sugar and water. So just basically almost like a simple syrup, then you're going to boil cool that, and then add in some freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice. And then now you have an easy homemade sour mix. So outside of the sangria recipe, it's amazing to add to your margaritas.

Or any other places you need a sour mix so much better than a bottle version that you get from the store. So after that, you're also going to add in. Two cups of Sprite. We've done Sierra mist . Anything that's along that similar flavor profile

and then the last option  calls for Cointreau, which is an orange base liqueur so. an easy alternative. It's just a bottle of triple sec. And that's the addition that we have made as it's a lot cheaper than a bottle of Cointreau

that is the basis of this sangria. You literally just add it [00:08:00] all into a big pitcher. you can double, triple, quadruple it. We made enough for a hundred people. Two times over. So believe me, the recipe is easily expandable. then you're gonna take. Some lemons, limes, oranges, slice those up, throw those into your pitcher to help just infuse that citrus flavor. You can add in some other fruit, if you would like especially if you're going into the fall, maybe adding in some apples or cherries or things of that nature. So guys that is the basis of my sangria recipe.

I would love if you would try it out. If you do, and you make a batch, please take a photo. Post it on social media tag us at she's got vision on all platforms and let me know what you think. So until next time guys, remember there's always time for cocktails.

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