Episode 10 - International Gin & Tonic Day

Marketing & Cocktails

19-10-2020 • 7 mins

Episode #010 International Gin & Tonic Day

[00:00:00] Terrica: Welcome to the marketing cocktails podcast. We're your hosts, Terrica Strozier, that's me a brand designer and sugar attic and Vanessa Shepherd, launch strategist and content creator and  lover of all things Disney. Each week, you'll hear our behind the scenes conversation and expert advice on marketing and launching your next offer or product while doing it all ethically and organically.

And given that bro marketer advice, the book. Thanks for spending some time with us today. Grab a drink and let's jump into today's episode.

Welcome to a special episode of the marketing and cocktails podcast, because we are celebrating international gin and tonic day. So I am going to bring two recipes to you all today, which are a spin on the traditional gin and tonic, which is just a combination of ice, gin, tonic water and lime. So super simple drink.

[00:01:00] these are some twist that I found that I have really, I really enjoy lately. So I'm sharing them with you. So the first it's going to be, be a take on the gin, Ricky, which is really, really similar to the gin and tonic. It's just a combination of Jan Aline and club soda. So. I stumbled upon this recipe a while ago, and I've kind of been making it a little bit nonstop even as we transition seasons because guys I'm in Georgia and the season just don't really change that heavily.

We are in and the myths of what they call false fall. So it is a whopping I think today, 75 degrees. So. This take on the gin. Ricky is going to include a frozen linemate concentrate. [00:02:00] The ones that you get in your normal grocery store that come in a little, the little tin, I think that's what they're called, like little, tin.

They almost remind me of the same container that you get, canned biscuits in, but you all know what I'm talking about. So. It is that your gen of choice. And the last couple of times I've been using the London dry gin and that works really nicely. And then this recipe calls for clips soda. Now I normally don't have club soda on hand, but recently my husband has really been into seltzer waters, which they're all pretty similar tonic water, adds in the.

Quinine or Quinine guys don't. Get me started on pronunciations, but that has that addition and title water. then you have clubs, soda, and seltzer water, and they're all different versions of carbonated water with their own additions. So [00:03:00] I feel like they're pretty interchangeable. So I have you sell salt water.

I've used plain seltzer water. Or, we have gotten a little fancy and we have had a cucumber melon, seltzer water, or lemon line, seltzer water. All of them are really great additions. so this one just includes one and a half ounces of gin. Two tablespoons of the frozen Limeade and then four ounces of club, soda, or seltzer water, or even tonic water.

whatever you decide to use, you are just going to combine the gin and the frozen line made in a, the recipe. Cause it put it in the shaker. I'm going to be honest guys. I was a little bit lazy and I didn't even want to do that. So I had to do two tablespoons of lie made into, a tall glass. Then I. added in ice.

And then I added in my Jane stirred that together and then just poured the seltzer [00:04:00] right on top and start that one more time. And it turned out really delicious and refreshing. But if you want to go. just by the book you're going to combine the gin in the frozen lemonade is shaker. We're going to shake that up, pour it over ice and a tall glass.

And then top with, again, like I said, soda club, soda, tonic, water, or seltzer water. And then if you want to be really fancy garnish with a little twist of line. so that is the first recipe. And then the second one is I've had gin and tonics. And they were okay, but I felt like I wanted just the little different flavor profile, but similar.

So what I decided to do is add in grapefruit juice. So the normal kind of ratio for gin and tonics, depending on your level, level of preference, if you really, really love [00:05:00] alcohol and you wanted a little on the heavy side, That send me some days, or if you want to go a little bit lighter, you can just do one Oh one.

well, one Oh one is probably going to give you right in the middle of road, or you could do one to three. So one part Jan to three parts tonic. or some people do a two to four guys. You just have to kind of play around with it and see which measurement kind of gives you the preface that you like, the palatable kind of tastes that you can kind of handle and the alcohol level that you, so what I did was added, I did about a week, one to one ratio of everything.

So one part grapefruit juice to one part, gin. Okay. And then we tried a grapefruit mango seltzer water, and that one was really tasty. And I did that on top and then just, added, I just use actually a low ball glass cause that's, what I just kind of grabbed. So I put ice in that, out at the grill fruit, the [00:06:00] gin, and then a seltzer water.

Gave it a little quick stir and guys again, a really easy refreshing take on a normal gin and tonic. So. I want you to try these guys, celebrate today as international diatonic day. if you do try these recipes, please let me know, and I will have the recipe below for everyone to try. So again, guys, thanks for coming and joining me today on today's episode.

And I was really glad to share. Two favorite two of my favorite, gin recipes.

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Yeah, she's got vision on all platforms until next time. Y'all we're wishing you much success. I remember [00:07:00] there's always time for cocktails.