Episode 14 - Cocktail Hour! Autumn Pimms Cup

Marketing & Cocktails

19-11-2020 • 8 mins

Episode #14 Autumn Pimms Cup

[00:00:00] Terrica: Welcome to the marketing cocktails podcast. We're your hosts. Terrica Strozier, that's me a brand designer and sugar addict and Vanessa Shepherd, launch strategist and content creator. With a love of all things Disney. Each week, you'll hear our behind the scenes conversations and expert advice on marketing and launching your next offer a product while doing it all ethically and organically.

And giving that bro marketer advice the booth. Thanks for spending some time with us today. Grab a drink and let's jump into today's episode.

Welcome to episode 14 of the marketing & cocktails podcast. And we have another cocktail hour guys. So today's episode, I have done a spin on the traditional parents cup. We are a segway digging into what is really fall for most of the country, but as 2020 has already set the pace to be a truly odd year in Georgia.

[00:01:00] It's just starting to get just a wee bit cold. And when I say cold, I mean, we finally got the low 50's at night. For like a week or two. So, but anyhow, I decided that I wanted to do a fall version of a traditional Pimms cup. So for people who are not aware of Pimm's, Pimm's is a gin-based liqour that was originally created to be a digestive, like basically to help with your digestion.

This was back in the 1800s. So. I also figured out that the liqueur is named, was it the name of it is Pimm's, but it's Pimms number one, because the original creator of Pimms used to serve in a small tanker known as a number one cup. And so that's how it got the name Pimm's cup. And the liqueur is, labeled Pimm's number one.

[00:02:00] So. At one of my favorite, local restaurants here in Atlanta. Well, it's outside of Atlanta in Decatur. It's called, No. 246. They had this, Oh my gosh. Amazing. autumn take on a Pimm's cup. And that was the first time I ever had it. And I was like, this is so good. Eventually I have to make my own version.

So I wanted it to be simple and I didn't want it to be like really, really complicated or take a lot of, different bakers and look cores and bitters and all that jazz. because sometimes you just want like an easy to make comforting type recipe. So Pimm's cup is normally made with a combination, of lemon juice, ginger ale, and then some people even add in like cucumber and mint, like really refreshing AHS, usually served during the summer.

And as a fun [00:03:00] fact, it's the favorite cooler at Wilmington. So. I tried it originally, how it was meant to be served. And I did it with lemonade and some ginger real, and it's really nice, super simple, really refreshing, easy cocktail. But I, my brain started turning and I said, how can I take an out and twist on this?

So one of my favorite drinks. Especially during the fall is Apple cider. I love, love, love Apple cider. I have made my own at home. I, if I'm on a run, I'll stop at Starbucks and get the, they don't call it Apple cider. What is it called? It's like steamed Apple juice with their cinnamon Dolce syrup in it and a little whipped cream.

Oh, so, so, so, so good. So I said, how can I combine these two? So I came up with my autumn [00:04:00] Tim's club. So what it consists of is, okay, I use an unfiltered Apple juice. I went to my local grocery store here, which is Kroger and they had their own brand and it's a honey crisp Apple. I could not find any Apple cider.

I guess everyone has the same idea that I had. And. All the Apple cider was gone. So this is the closest, you can also use, just a pure Apple juice. You want to get that? Just like. Clean flavor of it. So it consists of Apple juice, pamphlet core. Then I add a orange core and you can literally find any orange, little core that's in your local liquor store.

there's a few brands that go by like P street. You can do a contrary. All I found a French orange little core. And it was really, really good. So that's what I used. And then I decided, okay, [00:05:00] like I said, one of my favorite drinks is the one that Starbucks and they use a cinnamon, Dolce syrup. I found a, homemade version of that and I've made it before and it's good.

But I said, how can I elevate this? What makes me think of fall? And I was like, Ooh, warm spices. Okay. So how can we get those warm spices in a drink? And then I thought, Oh, my other favorite thing, chai tea, and the spicier the better. So I made a chai spiced, simple syrup, and that includes. I did have bound sugar, have white sugar, nutmeg, all spice, cinnamon steaks, ginger peppercorn, Carmen, and, and guys.

Oh, it's so good. So spicy with the sweetness. It's it's perfect. So. What you do is you can just literally mix it yeah. In a shaker, or you can build it in a tall glass with ice. So [00:06:00] you're going to do ice. You're going to add four to five ounces of the Apple juice, an ounce and a half of the pencil core. A half an ounce to an ounce of the orange, the core, depending on how much, orange flavor you like orange and Apple pear really well.

So that's why, I added that. and then a apps and a half of the chai, simple syrup. You can also sub in a cinnamon, simple syrup as well. If you just don't want to go, through. Through the painstaking, think of making your own simple syrup or you can't find the ingredients for, a cinnamon, simple syrup can be easily found in most stores.

if you go by the coffee section and just like buy one of the, a simple syrups that they include there, and then you just shade, or if you're mixing and tall glass, take a tall spoon and swirl guys. Really easy, really refreshing. I also added did a different version and I added about a half an ounce to an ounce of bourbon.

And that was really good as well. [00:07:00] Now what really took it over the top is I said, let's make this and hot toddy version. So I warmed up. the Apple juice, you can steam it on the stove, however you prefer. And then you're going to build everything in it. So you're going to steam the Apple juice. adding the orange lip core out in the chest space and adding the pencil core.

And that is really tasty. And if you're not, if you try a Pimm's and you're not a big fan, you can literally make this a hot toddy version, take out the pencil core and then just do the Apple juice, the orange, the court that the simple syrup and bourbon or a whiskey or a rum and guys. Oh, so good. So comforting just feels like home in a cup.

So I hope you enjoy this. guys, we are on the cups of Thanksgiving. this would be a really great, drink to serve if you're having some adults there. and [00:08:00] if not, then just take, A nice evening and make the high tidy version and curl up on the sofa with a good book. a furry friend, even the human variety, they work too.

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And remember, there's always time for cocktails.