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Cheryl Fischer

We learned the facts. We went to school. We got the job. We started the business. When did we learn how to believe in our own success or how to nourish our bodies with movement, healthy food, and powerful thoughts so we could achieve that success? When did we learn the mental and physical habits that actually make a huge difference? How about we do that now? Living well involves keeping both your mind and your body at their best - and traditionally we just aren’t learning all of that. As a corporate trainer/former teacher, network marketing leader and certified Leadership and Life Coach, I’ve learned and taught vital lessons about creating a happy and successful life (while still having fun!). I’ve coached people to get out of their own way, to learn to feel their emotions in a way that is powerful and healing, and to move forward in their lives from stuck to success. I’m here to share with you the pieces you’ve been missing, and we’ll all learn together from guests along the way. Whether you’ve heard any of these tips before or never had the opportunity, oh my goodness, let’s keep learning how to do life differently. Find all the resources mentioned in each episode - and links to your favorite ways to listen - at read less


Ep. 56: You Are Enough (Worthiness, Not Comparison)
Ep. 56: You Are Enough (Worthiness, Not Comparison)
"I am enough" is something we say, we remind ourselves of, and we post on social media.  But does this mean that we are just enough... barely... or does this mean that we are worthy and empowered?  I say it matters whether you use this phrase to compare yourself to others (not ideal) or to make a powerful statement that you are exactly who you're meant to be.   Throughout the episode, I'll share personal anecdotes, insights, and practical tips on how to cultivate a mindset of worthiness and banish feelings of inadequacy. From reframing negative self-talk to embracing imperfection (we're all human), I've included actionable strategies for listeners to incorporate into your daily lives.   The freedom that comes from embracing who we truly are is liberating. Whether you're struggling with self-doubt or simply looking for inspiration, this episode is guaranteed to uplift your spirits and remind you that you are worthy, just as you are.   Thank you to The M Word podcast for an excerpt from our conversation about the Barbie movie to start this episode.  Make sure to listen to the full Barbie series (episodes 40 and 41 of The M Word) as well; links to listen are at Also make sure to listen in to the OMG Teach Me episodes mentioned: Episode 35: How to Look Good in PicturesEpisode 48: Midlife - Who Am I? Worthiness in Midlife Access the free mini-series on how to stop being your own worst enemy at  So many amazing things to learn...!