182. Colin on Urban's Last Straw, Mary Kay Cabot on Browns COVID Crisis, Baker Complaints, Inside OBJ Breakup

The Colin Cowherd Podcast

16-12-2021 • 48 mins

Colin reacts to the report about the alleged Urban Meyer kicker kicking incident that led to his firing (3:00), and warns how the college NIL rules could get out of control (7:00). Then, longtime Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot joins Colin to discuss how the team is reeling from COVID (18:00), the "philosophical disconnect" between Baker and his offense (23:00), why the franchise is at a crossroads (28:00), the inside story behind OBJ's struggles in Cleveland and the moment she knew Odell's time was up (33:00), why Baker has been speaking out lately (39:00), what fans really think of him and Kevin Stefanski (41:00), why there are some big speed bumps on their road to the playoffs (45:00), and what it's like to cover such a long-suffering franchise (49:00).

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