It's BAGGERS IN SPACE on the Speccy NEXT! We look at the NEXT and more - Our Sinclair 105

Amigos Retro Gaming Network - Amigos: Everything Amiga / ARG Presents / Sprite Castle / Pixel Gaiden

21-02-2024 • 57 mins

It's ZX NEXT time this week with BAGGERS IN SPACE! Is this the best game on the NEXT? Is it an all time classice?!? PLUS - tune in LIVE for THE BRENT'S first impressions on the ZX NEXT, and a ton of Spectrum fun! Our Sinclair is a featured podcast on the Amigos Retrogaming Network podcast feed! See our show and MORE! 🏆 Support Our Sinclair podcast! Thanks to our sponsors! - Retro Computing Goodness! Amiga Addict - Britain’s best-selling Amiga Magazine! #zxspectrum #Retrocomputing

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