Will the SEC Approve Spot Bitcoin ETFs in 2023?

ETF Spotlight

20-07-2023 • 28 mins

Could a spot Bitcoin ETF be a game changer for crypto markets?

(1:00) - What Does 21Shares Have To Offer to Investors?
(4:40) - What Is Driving The Cryptocurrency Rebound?
(8:50) - Bitcoin ETF Refiling With The SEC: What Has Changed?
(11:45) - Cryptocurrency Fraud and Manipulation Concerns: What Should Investors Know?
(15:00) - Why Is A Spot Bitcoin ETF Such A Big Deal?
(19:30) - First Movers Advantage: When Can We Expect An Answer From The SEC?
(22:10) - ETFs vs. ETNs For Cryptocurrency: What Is The Difference?
(25:30) - What is The Best Investment Case For Bitcoin?