Creating Your Own Work as An Actor

The Working Actor Show

24-01-2023 • 34 mins

Creating your own work as an actor can be a great way of building a portfolio, creating a showreel, getting your name out there and flexing any peripheral expressive muscles you have to show off to the world. Georgie and Pierce take you through the opportunities that are offered by penning your own masterpiece or directing your own acting tour de force and how you can most efficiently achieve a great start in the industry by tapping into your full creative skill set.


  • Georgie and Pierce have created their own film but have learned that writing and producing can be a very steep learning curve. However, don’t be afraid of the learning opportunity.
  • Delegation is key. Know the size of your project and don’t be afraid to delegate to others to make it manageable. This is where your network can be utilised.
  • Test your ideas by crowdfunding. People are only going to invest in a project if they think your work is solid. Indiegogo is a good example of one of the leading crowdfunding websites currently available.
  • There is nothing shameful or egotistical about creating your own acting roles via your own work.


‘I think it would be very silly of me to say that it was easy because it wasn’t. There were, believe it or not, a lot of mindset issues that definitely didn’t help. Less so than the physical side of getting the project up and running.’ – Georgie

‘I think risk-taking is a really scary thing but it’s what makes projects good. It’s what draws people to them.’ – Georgie

‘People are only going to invest in your project if they think it’s a good idea and if they think it could do well. Obviously, if they’re going to invest their money into it it’s very different to investing your own money into it.’ – Pierce

‘If you can’t find opportunities, if you’re struggling to land roles, get out there, connect with the right people and just start creating your own work’ – Pierce



Georgie King and Pierce Connelly are a couple and business partners with experience in TV, film and theatre. Co-founders of The Acting Warehouse, an organisation dedicated to helping you achieve turning your passion for acting into a full-time career, they are here to guide you to get out there, find opportunities and land roles.



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