Do You HAVE To Go to Drama School ?

The Working Actor Show

15-05-2023 • 36 mins

Georgie and Pierce speak of the traditional and rather old-fashioned idea that all actors must have attended Drama School. What advantages, if any, does Drama School offer and how is it regarded by the industry? Listen in and find out if that blank space at the top of your CV has any bearing on your ability to work in acting.


  • While Drama School used to be the main route to an acting career, it is no longer essential but optional.
  • Most Casting Directors, especially in the screen world, only care about talent.
  • Drama School as a route to an agent is also a red herring. You should not approach agents until you have established some professional credits.
  • Have an open mindset to learning. While working, you are always training.
  • There is no need to feel less than those that have attended Drama School.


‘There’s this whole thing about; “If I don’t go to Drama School I’m not going to get cast because they don’t trust me, they don’t know that I can act.”’-Pierce

‘If you spent as much time working on your acting career as you would have spent in Drama School by the time that 3 year mark rolls around, guaranteed, you would have done some pretty incredible things.’-Pierce

‘You can make waves without crashing and shouting about. You can make things move without having to yell and scream about it.’-Georgie

‘Now more than ever we are seeing an acceptance and encouragement of individuality and bringing a unique spin to things.’-Pierce

‘When it comes down to the crux of it, but out of everybody, I may not have an agent, I may not have the best showreel in the game, I may not have trained at all but I’m still on the same film set and the Director is happy with what I’ve done.’-Georgie



Georgie King and Pierce Connelly are a couple and business partners with experience in TV, film and theatre. Co-founders of The Acting Warehouse, an organisation dedicated to helping you achieve turning your passion for acting into a full-time career, they are here to guide you to get out there, find opportunities and land roles.



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