Q&A with Industry-Leading Agent Nina Malone

The Working Actor Show

28-02-2023 • 53 mins

In this episode, we meet Nina Malone, Talent Agent at IAG (Identity Agency Group). In 2006, IAG burst on the scene as a response to the lack of diversity across Screen, Television and Film. Almost two decades later, IAG has now established itself as the leading talent agency representing the very best in diverse, groundbreaking talent across Theatre, Television and Film, both in the UK and globally. Their award-winning actors have been recognised by major awards such as the Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, Olivier Awards, British Independent Film Awards and EE Rising Star Awards to name a few, and have claimed lead roles in major Hollywood productions.

Georgie and Pierce ask Nina about herself and her role as an agent, how she became an agent, how to get in front of a casting director, communicating with agents, what an agent is looking for, how to approach an agent, the relevance of age, diversity, nine to five jobs, and scouting for talent.


  • The IDSA Talent Division specialises in developing emerging actors from the Identity School of Acting.
  • Nina used to be an actor so has insight into the perspective of this side of the industry.
  • If you are not getting results with good headshots and showreel, consider having a voice reel and taking a second look at your Spotlight to perfect it by adding useful skills outside of acting, and work out where the disconnection is with your current material.
  • Honest communication with an agent is essential. You still have to keep up a consistent level of effort.
  • The best way of contacting an agent is a succinct email with links to your material.
  • It does not matter your age when you start as an actor, but you do require the time to put the effort into your new career.
  • Nina has plenty of talent that has full-time jobs. As long as submissions are back before the deadline and you can spare the time, it doesn’t matter.
  • Know that you have done your best work when you go for a job.


‘I was talented. So I’ve been on the other side longer than I’ve been an agent. I loved my agents and I always felt connected, protected, supported and I just had a really good relationship with them.’ – Nina

‘I suppose it gives you a really quite unique position in that you understand where the actors are coming from because you’ve been there yourself, so you understand the fears, the worries, the doubts…’- Georgie

‘I prefer you to ask me questions and I prefer you to tell me the truth because further down the line it will just collapse at some point. So I would never push anybody to do a tape they didn’t want to.’ – Nina

‘It is quite a move, taking on an agent, and the projects that can come your way can be of a certain calibre. So make sure this is something that you’re ready for.’ – Nina

‘It’s not easy for anybody. It’s just a hard industry to be in. Starting younger can give you advantages but it also means the horrible cliches of child actors, you’re also battling that as well.’ – Nina

‘We are getting asked more questions about authenticity, personality, gender, experience, lived experience, more than ever.’ – Nina

‘We work in a profession where emotions are our job. If we are not in touch with those and we don’t understand them then that can be really difficult.’ – Georgie







Georgie King and Pierce Connelly are a couple and business partners with experience in TV, film and theatre. Co-founders of The Acting Warehouse, an organisation dedicated to helping you achieve turning your passion for acting into a full-time career, they are here to guide you to get out there, find opportunities and land roles.


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