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Are you tired of dealing with TOXIC bosses, workplaces and practices. Have you had enough of succumbing to corporate bullying. Or maybe you’re simply searching for career growth and development. Then this podcast is just for you.

With over 40 years combined professional experience, AC & Chase, share all the nuggets of knowledge gained through a wide array of experiences, fighting their way up the corporate ladder in the professional world.

AC & Chase “Our objectives is simple. To use this platform to not only help, anyone and everyone, facing workplace problems and dilemmas. But, to also build a positive and empowered working community skilled with tackling underhanded work related tactics”.

Our content has only 2 purposes.

1. To equip our community with safeguarding skills for not only themselves but every loved one within their own circle. Be your friends and families shield against toxicity.

2. To entertain our community through our informal, fun loving and expressive style.

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E8. Interviews Decoded - Part 2 of 2 - Get That Job - Lost in Translation - 2024 BONUS downloads included
E8. Interviews Decoded - Part 2 of 2 - Get That Job - Lost in Translation - 2024 BONUS downloads included
🎥 This episode unmasks the Secrets of Interview Success! 🌟🔥📊 Did you know that a staggering 66% of candidates spend less than 4 hours preparing for job interviews? Yes, you read it right – LESS than 4 hours! 😱🚨 Are you one of them? It's time to take your career to the next level!👀 In this eye-opening episode, discover:🔍 How to Prepare for Interviews: Learn why 4 hours of preparation isn't enough, and why you should be investing at least 10 hours.🤔 Common Interview Questions and How to Master Them: Get the inside scoop on what interviewers are really looking for and how to ace those tricky questions.😓 Tips on Managing Anxiety: Did you know there are 5 types of interview anxiety? Find out how to identify and conquer them!Why Watch?✅ Expert Insights: Industry professionals spill the beans on what it takes to stand out in a competitive job market.✅ Real-Life Scenarios: Learn from actual interview experiences, both triumphs, and pitfalls.✅ Proven Strategies: Uncover the techniques that successful candidates use to land their dream jobs.🎙️NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEEK - SUBSCRIBE NOW 🎙️Episode Chapters00:00 - Interviews Decoded - Part 200:23 - What helps interviewees secure a job?02:45 - PRACTICE framework for interview success03:21 - Interview preperation10:26 - Common interview questions13:23 - 6 part formula to answer Tell Me About Yourself?16:32 - If you dont have any experience, how do you answer, Tell me about yourself?17:43 - Competency, Behavioural & Situational questions20:16 - Strengths & Weaknesses Interview questions23:05 - Why should we hire you? - Interview questions26:21 - Where do you see yourself in the next 5 uears - Interview questions27:52 - Out of the box interview questions30:18 - Brain teaser questions - Interview questions31:00 - What motivates you? & trick questions - Interview questions32:28 - Closing interview questions to remember35:03 - Do you have any questions? - Interview questions39:15 - Interview anxiety39:53 - Appearance anxiety41:58 - Social anxiety43:11 - Behavioural anxiety45:05 - Performance anxiety46:53 - Communication anxietySubscribe, learn, and evolve with Gossip Pro! 💪✨🌟 ⁠Bonus Downloads🌟12 Types of Interview Questions 2024⁠How to answer ‘Tell me about yourself’ in an interviewThe P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E Framework🎥 YouTube⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO⁠⁠💃 TikTok⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO⁠⁠📸 Instagram⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO.Work
E7. Interviews Decoded - Part 1 of 2 - Get That Job - Lost in Translation - BONUS Free Download 2024
E7. Interviews Decoded - Part 1 of 2 - Get That Job - Lost in Translation - BONUS Free Download 2024
Did you know that a staggering 88% of candidates miss out on job opportunities because they don't invest enough time preparing for their interviews? 😱 Don't let this be you! Get ready for a game-changing revelation that could transform your career!🎙️ Tune in to our exclusive GossipPro Interview Decoded Episode! 🔑 Unlock the secrets of successful interviews as we spill the beans on what interviewers are truly seeking and the pitfalls that could be sabotaging your job prospects. From unravelling interview anxiety 😰 to showcasing the power 💪 of emotional intelligence, we've got your back! 💼 Ready to ace your next interview? Subscribe now and gain the edge you need to secure that dream job! 🚀 It's time to learn, evolve, and skyrocket your career. Hit that subscribe button – your success story begins here!🎙️NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEEK - SUBSCRIBE NOW 🎙️Episode Chapters:00:00 - Interviews Decoded 2024 with Free BONUS download01:00 - Interviewers Get Nervous as well03:45 - What ido you think is the purpose of an interview?04:40 - Do first impressions count?07:22 - Whats more important personality or experience?09:18 - Is arrogance your downfall?10:50 - Keep it constructive when asked to give feedback about the company you are interviewing for.12:08 - Should candidates be their authentic self at interviews?15:50 - Lying in an interview.20:33 - Critisizing previous employers during your interview.23:09 - Emotional Intelligence26:22 - How can you demonstrate you have good emotional intelligence to an interviewer?28:11 - If Interviewer asks “What are your weaknesses”?29:57 - Make sure you are listening to the interviewer!31:29 - STAR Framework with example question and answer34:22 - Ask questions to your interviewer!35:36 - Interview Anxiety🌟 ⁠Bonus Download - 12 Types of Interview Questions 2024⁠ 🌟🎥 YouTube⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO⁠⁠💃 TikTok⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO⁠⁠📸 Instagram⁠ ⁠@GossipPRO.Work