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Game Theory is the podcast version of the popular YouTube channel of the same name. The show explores games large and small. Original host Matthew Patrick, or MatPat, created the program. He searches for hidden lore, solves puzzles, and proposes theories about anything game-related. This official podcast uploads the audio from these videos.

The Game Theorists YouTube channel began in 2011. Struggling to find work as an actor, Matt worked on his video editing skills in his free time. Then the channel gained fame. Early episodes of Game Theory investigated scientific questions. How could time travel work in the SNES game Chrono Trigger? How fast can Sonic the Hedgehog really run?

Game Theory was the first in what would become a family of shows. Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory continue the work seeking out fun questions to ask. The original show became even more famous by explaining the confusing lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Other horror franchises like Poppy Playtime also attracted Matt’s attention. Many episodes lay out the story clues hidden in these games. Matt also hypothesizes what they mean and where the story may go.

These podcast episodes explore games from any era. How does the timeline of the Legend of Zelda franchise work? What are the Endermen in Minecraft? What have the characters been through between Bendy and the Ink Machine and its sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival? Pokemon, Mario, and other favorite video games are regular features. What level should Ash’s Pikachu have reached? Is Mario really the villain in the story? Does Sans from Undertale have some connection to the classic RPG Earthbound?

In 2024, Matt announced his retirement from the channels. Game Theory gained a new host in Tom Robinson. Tom had appeared in videos beforehand and worked as a writer for the show. He is also part of the “FNAF Boys” group within the game theorists. They work together to understand FNAF and explain it to viewers and listeners.

Game Theory releases new episodes every week. This podcast provides an audio-only version of each YouTube video.

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