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Take a bite out of The Toast, weekdays with Jackie & Claudia Oshry.

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Our Editor's Take

The Morning Toast is a fantastic way to make the commute easier. Girl With No Job (real name Claudia Oshry) and Jackie O. (Jackie Oshry) host this hilarious gossip podcast. The Morning Toast takes the listener on a riotous run through the latest pop culture news.

Every weekday morning, the duo tackles five stories from the celeb world. Nothing is off-limits. Not Kim Kardashian, not Justin Bieber, not Coachella. Nothing. Everything from Pete Davidson to Taylor Swift is in the team's crosshairs. If it is happening in the pop culture world, The Morning Toast is taking a bite out of it.

Staying on top of events in the celeb world is a must in the modern age. Whether it is TikTok trends or Grammy Award controversies, being in the know is essential. This is where Girl With No Job and Jackie O. come in. The irrepressible duo takes on the celeb world with character and charm. This is a morning show with a difference. The Toast News Network has its fingers on the pulse of what matters.

It has never been easier to keep in touch with the pop culture world. Why? Because Girl With No Job and Jackie O. do all the work. The Morning Toast is here to deliver all the juicy news that listeners never knew they needed.

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