Beyond the Deal - Making Sense of M&A, Alliances and Divestments

Carlos Keener

BTD is a specialist consultancy that helps people around the world achieve their long-term acquisition, divestment and alliance goals. BTD looks Beyond the Deal, working in partnership with our clients so that they find and complete deals and alliances that build strategic capabilities; ensure that the deals being considered will be successful post-close; deliver the benefits and objectives of their deals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, maintain focus on business as usual during and after the deal process and strengthen their own ability to do deals and alliances consistently well in future. Established in 2001, BTD has worked with over 100 clients around the world including Amadeus, Coca-Cola, E.On, GlaxoSmithKline, and Unilever. With offices in London and Boston and an international team, BTD helps leaders reduce deal time and cost, increase deal value, raise capability and maintain a high-performing businesses through the process. Our bespoke services and collaborative approach delivers confidence in the final outcome while ensuring they stay in full control of the process. From pre-deal to post-close – Go Beyond.
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