67 - Fusion Summit Descent

Parts Department

29-08-2023 • 45 mins

Justin unpacks Fusion Summit details, discusses CloudNC, and a new fast way to import files into Fusion 360. They tackle the tangled web of quoting—should it be simple or super complex? The guys also vent about the production clock ticking too fast and debate whether Gantt charts are a savior or a pain. Plus, a chinwag about the new Airtable AI Beta.

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  • Fusion Summit Recap
  • CloudNC
  • API Excitement
  • Import Files to Fusion 360 Script (share)
  • Automation
  • 5-axis
  • Linking quote lead times to production
  • Over complication of quoting
  • Rules of thirds and factor based quoting.
  • Eric Trine on Quoting
  • Time crunch in production
  • Scheduling challenges
  • Can has Gantt?
  • Configurator ball drop 🇫🇮
  • Airtable AI Beta


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