Introduction of the 20 mph speed limit

My Role in The Safe System

12-01-2024 • 24 mins

Hello and welcome to the January 2024 edition of the Project Edward Podcast Series. The theme continues from last year as we invite guests to set out their own role in the safe system. My name is James Luckhurst and in this edition will be hearing from the winner of the Premier 2022 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award Professor Tim Nutbeam, who's director of the Exit Project, which has been revolutionizing extrication techniques.

Tim will be talking to us about how the project is bedded in where there's been resistance and how its key points can be replicated elsewhere in the world. First, though, we head to South Wales police headquarters to catch up with what is without exaggeration being the principality's hot road safety topic of 2023. The default 20 mile an hour speed limit introduction on restricted roads.

So let's meet two guests ready to discuss the value they think it brings and some other current matters as well. The management. Travis Lamb, currently the Deputy Chief Constable for South Wales Police and my former role was head of ops, which basically meant I looked after all things that supported policing in particular, including road policing and road safety.

So what would you say was your role in the safe system? My role is to set a strategy for how policing will work across Wales, to work with the four forces, our partners and very importantly, our GOSAFE team to create all of the right enablers, the right vision and the right resourcing to tackle that poor driver behavior, to create an environment where the roads are a safe place to be and to encourage education and an ultimately were necessary, then to ensure enforcement is in place.

But it's about basically having a strategy and a vision, working with our partners and making the roads safe to me. I am Teresa Ciano. I'm the partnership manager for Safe. I also chair Road Safety Wales and I'm a non-executive director and trustee of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety. So my role in NZ system is to administer offenses through use of technology in the roads that speed in mobile phones, not where you sit, but also Operation SNAP, which is where we take media footage from the public and they can use that to report driving offenses that they witness to us.