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WeSurf showcases surfing through the lens of people of color, indigenous peoples, LGBTQ+ community and the average everyday Surfer. This show is centered on the Rockaway Surf community as it relates to the larger surfing culture. We hope to broaden the conversation as to what it means to be a surfer.

We hope to Introduce and talk about everything from surf products, surf culture and the surf industry through understandable relatable conversations for the average and newer surfer. read less
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WeSurf Ep. 8: I Love That For You with Beah & Berna
WeSurf Ep. 8: I Love That For You with Beah & Berna
In this episode of the WeSurf podcast, Kwame LaBassiere interviews two female surfers, Berna and Beah, about their experiences in the surfing community. They discuss how they got into surfing and the challenges they faced as beginners. The conversation also touches on the importance of etiquette in the lineup and the gray areas surrounding who has the right of way. Additionally, they explore the unique experiences and perspectives of being female surfers in a predominantly male-dominated sport. The conversation touched on various topics related to surfing, including representation in the water, and the impact of surfing on their lives. The speakers discussed the lack of diversity in surfing, with it being predominantly a sport for white cis males. They also shared their personal experiences in the water and how their gender and ethnicity may have influenced those experiences. Lastly, they discussed the positive changes that surfing has brought to their lives. They also discuss how surfing can be incorporated into a business, as Berna has done with her surf-inspired clothing brand. The guests share their favorite pre and post-surf meals and their favorite surf spots. They also answer some fun rapid-fire questions.  They discuss the joy of catching waves and the sense of freedom and connection with nature that surfing brings. They also talk about the physical and mental challenges of surfing, including the importance of patience and perseverance. The conversation concludes with a fun segment where they answer questions about surfers and their habits.The WeSurf Podcast is recorded by The NewsStand Studio at Rockefeller Center in the heart of Manhattan and is distributed by The Swell Season Surf Radio Network. www.swellseasonsurfradio.comFollow the WeSurf Podcast on Instagram @wesurfpodcast