DJ Steve Aoki and Ross Butler of “13 Reasons Why”

Lipps Service with Scott Lipps

21-11-2018 • 36 mins

Scott speaks with best friend duo, the iconic DJ Steve Aoki and star of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why’s Ross Butler (“Zach Dempsey”). They tackle Steve’s rise to fame on Forbes’ top DJ list, Ross’s rise to acting fame, how Scott and Steve met 15 years ago, how Scott met Ross before he was even acting, and their mutual love of Queen. Then, they discuss how Steve is the hardest working DJ in the business, his #1 hit song “Waste It on Me’” with BTS, and how Steve found music via the hardcore scene early on. Steve also shares about his connection with his dad, how he developed his work ethic, his record label that features the Chainsmokers, and how he branded himself. Scott and Steve contemplate the future of EDM, and Steve reflects on his first paycheck to now. Scott chats with Ross about his approach to acting, season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, and his role in the movie Shazam! Scott, Ross, and Steve place bets on a Steve Aoki-created game, then partake in a grand finale of caking a guest outside the studio.
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