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Coffee Moaning

Mark Adderley

Welcome to Coffee Moaning. Every day of the week (apart from the Day of the Lord) TV Presenter Nadia Sawalha and her husband Film Director Mark Adderley - both of whom run their successful YOU TUBE CHANNEL “The Sawalha-Adderleys” - take a deep topical dive into the daily NEWS. Every day they will sift through the headlines and focus on those stories that will generate most debate, discussion and often disagreement! In fact think of Coffee Moaning as the digital version of a water cooler chat at work! Be warned … anything can happen. They can often go spectacularly off target, they may well suddenly break into song or dance, they’ve even been known to have enormous arguments and things can rapidly turn quite surreal. Sometimes things can get quite emotional too …

So strap yourselves in … Coffee Moaning is YOUR opportunity to have a Coffee (or ten) and a big Moan about what’s hitting the headlines and what’s getting everyone talking! As no one once said, but we’re saying it coz we like it “Coffee Moaning: the best Morning TV show that’s NOT on TV and is also now a podcast “ Catchy isn’t it?!

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