Wars & Warriors

IVM Podcasts

Wars & Warriors is a podcast on war and conflict in the history of independent India. Narrated by Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam, the podcast talks about some of the fiercest battles that our men and women at the borders have braved through.

The liberation of Bangladesh is a landmark event not just in the history of India, but also changed the geopolitical dynamic of the entire South East Asian region. On Wars & Warriors, hear the complete story of how India pulled off a stunning victory against Pakistan and helped create Bangladesh out of East Pakistan in 1971.

This podcast isn’t just about the wars, it is also about the warriors – a story of the people whose bravado, tactical thinking and leadership helped us hold our heads high. Wars & Warriors provides a ringside account of the events, and also features India's bravest war heroes recollecting their times at the battlefield.

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