50 Shades of Trade

Matt Franklin

If you run a trade business… you’ll love this podcast. It's jam-packed with useful insight to help your business get results.In each episode, Payaca CEO and founder Matt Franklin talks to business owners from all walks of life to discuss their top trade tips and secrets. They’ll share what works, what doesn’t and how to overcome big challenges in business. read less


Lawn Care Leadership: Nolan Gore's Path to Success | E16
Lawn Care Leadership: Nolan Gore's Path to Success | E16
Summary Nolan Gore, a small business owner, shares his journey of starting and growing a residential landscaping company. He discusses the decision to invest his life savings into the business and the challenges he faced in the early days. Nolan also talks about the importance of adapting and developing new skills as the business grows. He shares insights from his military experience and how it influenced his leadership style. Additionally, Nolan shares his experience of acquiring a competitor and the challenges faced during the integration process. In this conversation, Nolan Gore shares his experiences and insights on building a successful lawn care business. He emphasises the importance of having a team with a servant mindset and a strong work ethic. He also discusses the lessons learned and areas for improvement in his business. Additionally, he talks about his approach to scaling the business and the role of social media in his journey. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs in the blue-collar industry. Takeaways Starting a business requires taking risks and betting on yourself. Adapting and developing new skills is crucial as the business grows. Military experience can provide valuable leadership and operational skills. Acquiring a competitor can be a complex process, requiring careful due diligence and negotiation. Managing the team during an acquisition requires effective communication and addressing concerns. Building a team with a servant mindset and a strong work ethic is crucial for success in the blue-collar industry. Reflecting on lessons learned and areas for improvement is essential for growth and future success. Scaling a business requires a different skill set and may require finding the right person to lead beyond a certain point. Social media can be a valuable tool for building an online presence and connecting with customers and industry professionals. Chapters 00:44 - Introduction and Background 02:47 - Making the Decision to Invest 05:15 - Starting and Growing the Business 12:24 - Approaching Growth and Adapting 21:23 - The Influence of Military Experience 29:37 - Acquiring a Competitor 34:07 - Deal Structure and Post-Acquisition Challenges 40:13 - Managing the Team During the Acquisition 44:22 - Building a Team with a Servant Mindset 45:13 - Lessons Learned and Areas for Improvement 47:20 - Going from Zero to One vs. Scaling 50:00 - The Role of Social Media in Business 52:43 - Managing Social Media and Building an Online Presence