Kalvanin Kadhali

Mohana Saravanakumar

This is my First podcasting.This story written by Amarar kalki krishnamorthy. Kalvanin Kadhali is the story of a dacoit and his beloved, Muththaiyan and Kalyani. At the PoonkuLam village, Kalyani falls for good-hearted Muththaiyan. Circumstances brand Muththaiyan a dacoit, but Kalyani remains steadfast in her love. Evading the police, Muthaiyan leads the life of an exile in the forest. When things come to a head, Muththaiyan and Kalyani decide to run away to some far-off place and settle down to marital bliss. Muththaiyan's loyal friend Kamalapathi, who is a stage actor makes all arrangements read less