Veronica Calliet-Cracking the Code on Dementia

Mixtape Hope

04-04-2023 • 58 mins

As the lyrics go…
“Joy will come in the morning, listen y’all”…
There is a longing for both peace and understanding when we step into the diagnosis of dementia.
We are joined by Ms. Veronica  Calliet as she so candidly does what she does best…teaches. She shares with us her experience as a caregiver for someone suffering with dementia. She has focused her light throughout her life personally and professionally on HEALING.
She speaks of “cracking the code” of this diagnosis.  She shares a unique approach  in  how music, touch and visual healing come together to reignite life and purpose in those with dementia.
She finds JOY in her role as a mother, nurse, daughter, caregiver, friend and healer. Listen y’all!