Strengthening Client Relationships Through Risk Assessment with Chris Quandt

CRM Unlocked

19-04-2022 • 34 mins

There is a lot of fear around investing, and this fear holds clients back from reaching their financial goals. If we can find ways to help them move beyond that fear, we can better help them to take control of their financial future.  In this episode, Ali and Sanjeev talk with Chris Quandt, Senior Advisor Success Coach at Riskalyze, about how we can optimize our tech stack to enhance efficiency in our practice, how doing so enhances CRM, what a risk number is, and how it connects to investing fearlessly. Key Takeaways [06:30] - How risk numbers help clients understand and meet financial goals. [10:03] - Why risk numbers are a great lead generation tool.  [12:25] - Why a big part of an advisor’s job these days is relationship management. [16:00] - How a tech stack can directly impact client relationships. [19:58] - Why technology plays a critical role in generational wealth transfer.  Quotes [03:50] - ”Our mission is to empower the world to invest fearlessly. A pretty big mission, but we’re excited to create those advisors to help empower that fearless investing.” ~ Chris Quandt [14:58] - ”I’ve got a Lamborghini in my tech stack, but I don’t know where the ignition goes. Is it a push-button start, or do I put a key in the ignition?” ~ Chris Quandt [19:56] - “Coming up here we’ve got the biggest transfer of generational wealth, so how are you tracking those family units? How are you getting in front of the heirs of your clients? Do you have a way to do that?” ~ Chris Quandt [23:01] - ”We’re not the hero. We’re the guide. We’re the Gandolph to Frodo; we’re Glenda to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.” ~ Chris Quandt Links  Chris Quandt on LinkedIn Riskalyze Connect with our hosts Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts