Making Your Advisory Business Successful in the Digital World with Derek Notman

CRM Unlocked

22-11-2022 • 32 mins

The competitive landscape for advisory services has changed drastically in recent years. The development of digital tools and platforms has made it possible for businesses to be conducted remotely. This shift has resulted in a new breed of advisory services that are more flexible and agile than their traditional counterparts. In this episode, Marc talks with Derek Notman, Certified Financial Planner and a serial entrepreneur in the financial services industry, founding Couplr and Conneqtor among other endeavors. Derek serves clients from coast to coast through his virtual model. He works with entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, startup companies, and their families to realize their hopes, dreams, and goals through the leverage of financial education and his financial planning process. Derek talks with Marc about how consumer expectations and demands have changed over time, how technology has changed the delivery of financial services, and how he revolutionized the lead-generation process. Key Takeaways [02:10] - How Derek got into the financial services industry. [04:28] - What led Derek to establish his own advisory business. [08:21] - Derek's approach to serving his clients. [10:24] - Derek's advice for broker-dealers looking to become registered investment advisors. [13:43] - What Derek's training program, Conneqtor, is about. [16:39] - How Derek revolutionized the lead generation process. [23:51] - What Derek did differently to find clients on social media. [30:04] - Future trends financial advisors should be aware of. Quotes [12:38] - "If you look at our profession, things are going differently. Consumers want the best advisor for them, not just based on the zip code or company they're with." ~ Derek Notman [17:36] - "It doesn't matter how great your knowledge is, your certifications, or your brand. None of the other stuff matters if you do not have actual clients and new clients coming in to work with you." ~ Derek Notman [21:43] - "Advisors didn't get into this business to become lead generation or digital marketing experts. They came into this business to help people with their money, which they should spend most of their time on." ~ Derek Notman Links  Derek Notman on LinkedIn Derek Notman on Twitter Derek Notman on Facebook Derek Notman on YouTube Adam Holt New York Life Insurance Couplr Conneqtor Michael Kitces Intrepid Wealth Partners Connect with our hosts Marc Butler Ali McCarthy Sanjeev Kumar Skience Subscribe and stay in touch Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts